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Recondite wrote a new episode review
a month ago
Watch Supernatural Online Season 14 Episode 19 Jack in the Box

@Tonia1 Good fucking lord, you're a genuine crazy person! What a treat. What you aren't, though, is a stream ripper. Or an encoder. You aren't a black, gray or even white hatter. You aren't a member of any scene crew that provides any bonafide useful service to anyone. In short: YOU DON'T DO "WORK" anywhere in the pirate show world. You copy/paste other people's "work," (which was also copy/pasted across dozens of domains by that point), just like everyone else - BUT, *unlike* at least MOST everyone else, you seem to think that you're above taking—literally—5 seconds to make sure the sources that you're pasting aren't UTTER SHIT. Quality being nonexistent, YOU then spam—yes, SPAM—your "stolen" sloppy-five-hundreds' "work" all over and call it "contributing," to the universal frustration of most if not every single user on this domain, (and, I'd wager, of every other site on which you and your links like to lurk). And then, even more hilariously, you get butt hurt when random passersby with a modicum of intelligence level perfectly justified criticism at you for it! Let's not forget the real kicker here: GOOD quality sources are ubiquitous. What's your excuse for endlessly reposting awful ones? Do you just not know how to use search engines? See, you're part of a problem; you waste people's TIME in an age where performing nearly any service nearly instantaneously costs a trivial afterthought and $0.0002 of bandwidth - because somebody was going to do it on their own anyway. People like you are what continue to make the internet memeworthy. Don't stop! But people like you are also what make otherwise useful tools—like this site—far less functional and useful than they could and should be. You can stop THAT part.

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