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  • 25% Drama
  • 17% Action
  • 12% Science-Fiction
  • 10% Adventure
  • 7% Crime
  • 5% Comedy
  • 24% Others
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Watch Fear the Walking Dead Online Season 5 Episode 8 Is Anybody Out There?

@junkystuff When it premiers in 2 days perhaps.

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22 days ago
Watch 7Seeds Online Season 1 Episode 1 Episode 1

Way too much information imo. There are some cases where dubbing adds value to viewers, as example I can give you Shrek movies in polish, which have a plethora of references to stuff from polish culture and the actors are perfectly matching characters, often better than the original. That is a well done dubbing. Anime on the other hand is tied to japanese culture and dubbing always, in each and every case, strips a lot of that. The same thing applies in other places, like games --- Kingdom Come Deliverance is better in czech, Witcher in polish, Shadow of The Tomb Raider in spanish*, Metro series in russian*. As for paying for netflix etc. they use drm, so a lot of people can't use it and I personally refuse to pay for any service. I can buy a dvd/downloadable copy but never a (eg. streaming) service.

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a month ago
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